Since opening, this site is growing like a baby-so big and fast.

        Thanks to you all, for its growth and development.

        So many new features have been added for fun and learning. We hope you would love them.

        Recently, we have added pages for Tips for Parents, Achievements and Awards, Pearls of Wisdom, etc. We have also added pages for Time - a request from our valuable visitors. You would love them. We already have pages  For Toddler and For Pre-school. Our visitors have liked them. Parents, help your little ones to learn their first numbers, shapes and colors too! You will be surprised to know how fast they learn with lots of pleasure. We have added pages for Healthy Habits. Recently, we have added pages for Nutrition in our Healthy Habits section. Your grown-ups would love them.

        Friends, if you are a number cruncher, go to Math pages. Do you like teasing your brain? Try our Word Search. If you like reading, go to Reading pages. If you enjoy pictures, try Photo Gallery. You will see pictures of your friends. If you wish, you can have your pictures posted too! You can e-mail them. We would try to put it, if possible, so that your friends can see them from any corner of the world. And of course, we have Friends' Corner too, in case you want to make more friends in any part of the world. Do you write your own poem? We can put it in our Poem section with your name on it. Try to write some good articles, we can create a page for you. We would be happy to see you flourish.

        In case you have some suggestions, they are welcomed for utmost improvement. You can write your comments or suggestions in Comment section.

        Dear parents, you can help your younger kids for math, reading, word search, etc. You can print any page and as many times as needed. Once they do the lesson, reward them with the Certificate. Just print and sign it. They will be happy. We wish all our friends improve their grades. We will consider all our efforts successful only when they improve in  their grades.

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